Oh my gosh, hi! My name is Samantha Kleven, and I am so happy you want to know a little bit more about me!!!

working hard and dreaming big are the phrases my family pushed me to follow my entire life. as a wedding photographer, i am dreaming bigger than i could have ever imagined. not only am i meeting such fun people like you, but i am saving those precious memories that i would want on any special occasion.

i feel motivated by how amazing this world is as well as my clients. god has created such a glorious creation that it must be captured with you as the center of attention ;) this is my passion. i want you to escape your life to become one with the love of your life!!

currently i am graduating college with my aa degree at the age of 18, and i plan to pursue even bigger things in the years to come!!!

im samantha!

hey there lovely!

"now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."
- hebrews 11:1

We will go on whatever adventure you are envisioning: hiking, swimming, or even just hanging out at home! Something very important to me are your ideas, and I will use my creative flare to make our time reflect those dreams! If you want to hang out and drink coffee, let's do it! Maybe you want to jump in lake and soak your clothes, and I down to get drenched too! I want to be apart of your life for the short time we are together. So, what are you waiting for?! Message me, and maybe we can have a little fun before!

Photography is not a job to me, but it is an honor to capture a specific time in YOUR life. Each of us have our own stories that are written every day. There are times, however, when those pages need to be filled with photos. I remember that I hated having my photo taken as a little kid, but without those images I would have forgotten some of the amazing memories that were made. I am thankful for pictures, and so I created my passion into something that impacts you! Many people may not know who I am, but when they meet me they will never forget their experience.


my passion is to save the intimate, silly, and precious

let's chat!!!

my spirit animal would either be an owl or a dog!

what is your spirit animal?

i started taking photos when i was five years old
crazy right?!

when did i start photography?

vampire diaries - yes !
& national geographic

what do you watch while editing?

anywhere in alaska &
norway !

dream destination to travel

i only go with the very berry hibiscus
WITH lemonade

favorite starbucks drink

a little more

my weird self

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