let's adventure!!!

saving moments like this are so So sooooo valuable!! i can't express it enough that your day is only happening once, but the memories will literally stay forever. i just love when amazing people like you come and trust me with their wedding or elopement!! i care about every step leading up to that day, don't worry!!

i am going to capture moments of laughing, smiles, cake faces, and those happy tears going down the aisle. whatever you dream of will become reality, i promise!! i am always a message away if you ever have a question, comment, or opinion about your favorite disney movie, lol.

we are going to do this together! just send me a quick message and we will get to chatting!!if i don't respond in 24 hours, please email me (samanthaklevenphotography@gmail.com) or dm me on insta (@samanthakphotos) it is possible for your message to get lost!!