Authenticity can't be created from artificial lights, so I am obsessed with natural light. I may be based out of Minnesota, but traveling is a HUGE passion of mine. Whatever dream you have for your photos, I will support you through the entire process. We can either take pictures in your home with a sunrise or take a hike through Yosemite National Park! Now, it is up to you to decide what photos you would like to look back on. Just know, I am here for you and your journey.

Something I am very passionate about is authentic photos. Growing up, I HATED (with a passion) to have my picture taken. So, when my parents would ask me to smile, it was 100% fake. Looking back at those photos, I remember not laughing, and I wish I had real happiness. I want to express your real emotions in your photos: love, joy, comfort, and so much more. Fifty years from now, you will look back at those prints and either remember a fake smile or the photos we will create. 

my photos express the real love, smiles, and memories. we will create an experience that will be more than a photoshoot but an adventure.

unfiltered authenticity

pure and raw emotion


The true meaning of a photograph is the story behind what we can make. However, joy can not be made unless it is genuine. Your photographs will show the true you everyone loves.

authentic love

i believe in real joy an


Our culture tends to give labels to men and women, but alone let's do whatever you want to do. Forget about that bad day at work. Ignore all the comments in social media. Always remember the real you.

turn off the world and

always be yourself


This is one of my favorite parts about photography. Not only is it amazing to meet people like you, but saving memories is an honor in my eyes. I want to save the most important, intimate, and happy moments in our adventure.

these emotions are timeless

we can save them


Your photos take time, passion, and creativity even after our time together. I want to make every image perfect, and that takes time. So even if your photos come a week or two after our adventure, it is SO worth it!

it is more than the



my goals

go on a summer road trip
attend a workshop
first elopement
learn more about photoshop
start mentorships
second shoot, alot!

travel to new places
meet more of you!
organize my own styled shoot
move into college
succeed in a blog

- the Madrigs

she is so sweet and committed, and she made my husband and i so comfortable while getting our photos taken! she "coached" me, by my request, to help me look my best because of my own dislike of seeing myself in photos. she is so accommodating, so kind, and so fun to have met and be around. i will tell everyone looking for professional shots about her, and i will definitely get more photos done with her in the future! 

entry #2
- the McCulloughs

Samantha is a dream to work with! She is so easy-going & always captures the most special moments. The pictures she took I will forever cherish. She makes the photo shoots effortless & fun! She is definitely gifted at what she does & we will for sure be contacting her again for future photo needs! 

entry #1
- the kohners

this young lady is an amazing photographer! she has such talent and a sweet personality that makes a photo session with her such a joy! the photos are always beautiful as she captures such true beauty in the moment. she listens to what the client wants and uses her eye and talent to achieve amazing results. you won't be disappointed. i look forward to future occasions and sessions with her as i watch this photography star rise!

entry #3
- isabel medina

As young as Samantha is, she is such a talented young lady! I absolutely LOVE shooting photos with her because it’s always so much fun! I have had a few sessions with her and plan to do so in the future as well! She is a hard worker and you can count on her to receive adorable photos back!

entry #4
and i can't wait to share it with you!
each and every photoshoot is special