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let's go on YOUR adventure. i want to see you and the love of your life doing the things you love!! if this is hiking ten miles up a mountain, i'm there! if you want to just sit at home and eat chicken tenders, freak yes i will be your third wheel! seriously just hmu!

It is special, raw, intimate, steamy, and true to your story

the best kind of love, yours

i want to save those memories

every single laugh, smile, tear, and kiss!!

Never forget the nights we felt alive.

oh my gosh, hi!!

I will do anything for starbucks :)

my name is samantha (if you didn't know by now, haha) and i am a wedding and elopement photographer based out of minnesota!! for all those who are wondering, no, we are not part of canada.

anyway, i am obsessed with couples who are carefree, intimate, and straight up weird. no matter where you fit, we will make those perfect moments come to life.

traveling has always filled my life with so much joy. i spend a lot of time hiking, fishing, chillin in my jeep renegade, or just looking at the stars. sometimes i will spend hours upon hours at starbucks just to get a strawberry acai with lemonade, haha!

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"She will be your best friend"


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i kid you not, every single one your guys words make me want to cry (only happy tears of course). the love that is shown for my little biz is more than i could have every asked for!! i hope to do this for you guys!

I will always remember our time with Samantha. From the moment we met her, she was so bubbly, open, and fun to be around. Not only that, but her work is some of the best we have ever received. Even before your shoot, she will become your best friend!! We love Sam so much! I can't wait for our next shoot and time to work with this little bundle of joy! 

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