im samantha (if you didn't know by now, haha) and i am a wedding and elopement photographer based out of minnesota!! for all those who are wondering, no, we are not part of canada.

anyway, i am obsessed with couples who are carefree, intimate, and straight up weird. no matter where you fit, we will make those perfect moments come to life.

my boyfriend andrew fills my life with so much joy. we like to spend a lot of time hiking, fishing, or just chillin' in the back of a pickup and looking at the stars. if we are feeling lazy, he will drive a full two hours just to get me fried chicken. in any scenario, he is there to support me in my adventures :):)

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to truly want an authentic & real wedding day when the focus is surrounded on you and the love of your life.

elopements are my passion

once i started pursuing photography, i knew that i wanted to focus around love. ever since i was a little girl, i was obsessed with ooey gooey love stories even from high school musical, haha!! after starting to photograph weddings, i started to literally dive off the deep end for my couples. the only thing i was fascinated more by small weddings was how relaxed and beautiful the little details tended to be rather than time for family photos, a late reception, or even rude guests. 

my family has always been passionate about traveling, fishing, hunting, and literally everything outdoors. my heart burns to go to new places and see what a wonderful world we are living in!! i love how the waves crash on the pacific coast, when the trees rustle in northern michigan, and when it storms in washington state. no matter where i go, i am so freaking happy to travel this world with you!!

why elope?

wild & carefree

happy with no stress

true & authentic


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