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Sunset Acai Main Preset 

Sunset Acai B&W Preset

Sunset Acai Film Preset

for those who always ask what preset i use to edit 99.99& of my photos, this is it! i have been working on perfecting my own preset for over two years, and i am so freaking stoked to finally be able to give it to you :) if you are looking for a preset that is vibrant, natural, and bright, THIS IS IT!

i'm not gonna lie, i have tried probably over 25 different sets of presets, and i still have not found the perfect black and white preset until now. i am in love with a clean black and white for large weddings and more of a filmy look for elopements. soooo, i created a base black and white preset with modifiers to change it up for each shoot!

when i am trying to be extra creative, i only ever use this film preset to edit entire galleries. not only is it fun to change it up once in a while, but this preset still keeps the bright and vibrant look while also looking like a polaroid :)

Preset Modifiers

COLDER: a simple change to even out white balance

FIX HARSH LIGHT: i use this a lot to fix bright photos!

INDOOR LIGHTING: change the tones of indoor photos

LESS COLOR: desaturate vibrant photos for an even tone

MAKE IT BRIGHT: make those whites super bright :)

MORE BLACK: i add this to 99% of photos for definition

MORE COLOR: saturation is my best friend & now yours

MORE CONTRAST: for hazy photos, use this bad boy haha

SATURATED SUNSET: yummy sunset = happy samantha

WARMER: screw kelvin, use this for balance 

Color Modifiers

LESS CONTRAST: lighten dark faces and features

LESS SHADOWS: lift the shadows & background

MAKE IT BRIGHT: enhance bright features and whites

MAKE IT FILM: no b&w film preset just a modifier hehe

NO MORE HAZE: get the perfect sunset shot

B&W Modifiers

Snatch the Modifiers

Snatch the Modifiers

exactly how i feel about these presets!!

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