Ashley & Casey’s Sunset Beach Couples Session

November 3, 2023


Ashley and Casey’s couples photos captured on the sunset beaches of Destin, Florida, are the perfect example of candid and authentic love!! Everything about this night was straight out of a movie scene, and I am so excited to finally be sharing their story with you! 

We started their session by walking along the golden shoreline together!! I seriously don’t remember a single moment where either of them wasn’t smiling!! The golden hour sunlight bathes them in a soft, warm embrace, creating a dreamy atmosphere even from the start.

Throughout the night, Ashley and Casey became more and more comfortable with each other which was the perfect opportunity to document such tender moments; they shared quiet kisses and it was so special to witness. These candid moments from their session were the definition of the authenticity of their relationship!!

One of our favorite parts of the shoot was when all three of us ran into the ocean together! Casey decided to teach Ashley how to body surf through the waves, and it was the perfect opportunity to capture their adventurous and silly spirits. I loved documenting them swimming together in the ocean as the sun dipped below the horizon!

By the end of the session, we were all soaked but so full of joy! The sunset, the sand, and the ocean all blended seamlessly to create a breathtaking backdrop for their love story!! These images are not just photos; they are moments frozen in time that tell the story of a couple deeply in love, embracing the beauty of life together on the stunning beaches of Florida!

“Samantha was AMAZING to work with!! She was great at capturing the exact aesthetic we wanted and made the shoot feel relaxed and natural. You can tell she loves what she does!!”

Ashley & Casey <3