Emma & Andrew’s Intimate Lake Wedding in Minnesota

March 6, 2023


Minnesota Summer Wedding Up North in Ely, Minnesota

A summer wedding in northern Minnesota is the perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the lakes, trees, and summer adventures. Ely, Minnesota is where Emma & Andrew spent their special day!

Ely is a northeastern Minnesota city with a population of around 3,000 people, only 16 miles from the Canadian border!! Ely is one of the best small towns in Minnesota and is known for its stunning natural beauty and is home to numerous spectacular landmarks and natural wonders!

Emma grew up in Ely, so the city holds a very special place in her heart! Emma’s favorite part about growing up in Ely was the COMMUNITY–it’s so evident that everyone in Ely cared about you and felt as though your presence added value to the community. Ely offers a close up of experiencing the wilderness: camping in the Boundary Waters (the most quiet, unique, beautiful place on Earth) with the best sunsets and stargazing! If you love taking in the outdoors, Ely is for you!

Emma & Andrew’s day was perfect! Andrew’s family and friends came from Washington to Ely for their wedding, so they could celebrate in the summer, up north, on the lake (A.K.A a Minnesotans’ dream!!) The wedding party spent the morning getting ready and then Emma had their first-look photos with her dad. The first-look photos at the ridge were the perfect spot to take in the scenery overlooking the Boundary Waters and being able to see Canada across the way!!! It was such a special moment for Emma & her dad to reflect on what they’ve called home for so many years!! *que the tears* Emma’s first look with Andrew was just as emotional – Emma & Andrew prayed together over their wedding day and over their marriage. IT WAS SO SURREAL TO WITNESS!

Emma & Andrew are both passionate Christians and their faith shined on their wedding day! Their love for the Lord and one another is so evident — Worship music was playing and everyone was celebrating the newly married couple!!! Emma’s favorite part of their wedding day was walking down the aisle, exiting the ceremony with Andrew, and seeing all of “their people”. Everyone was clapping, smiling, and laughing! Emma & Andrew were filled with SO MUCH JOY and HAPPINESS as they reflected on being so blessed by the Lord on their day!

The night continued as they celebrated with all of their favorite people: sorority sisters, family, friends, and those that flew in to celebrate. As the night went on, the sun began to set over the lake, making for the perfect ~golden hour~ first dance spot. Friends and family mingled, took in the lake scenery, and enjoyed the GIANT charcuterie board that was served for dinner. Emma & Andrew then ventured onto the dock and into canoes on the lake for one last peaceful moment to remember their special day!

Emma & Andrew met at a friend’s wedding in Washington, so weddings are kind of ~their thing~ !!! When they first met at a wedding, Andrew ran into the lake at the end of the night, which caught Emma’s attention!! So, in true *Andrew fashion* he & his groomsmen ended the night running into the lake. Of course, he has to keep the wedding tradition alive – The running into the lake legacy lives on – The night ended with sparklers and the couple exiting to officially start their life together!! What a gentle, sweet love Emma & Andrew have!!!!! I will forever cherish who they are <3

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