Top 3 Most Breathtaking Cities to Get Married in Mexico

February 15, 2023


This is your SIGN to ELOPE in Mexico!

If you have always wanted a destination wedding, Mexico is for you!!! Mexico is the perfect elopement location because of its white sandy beaches, beautiful bright blue oceans, and sunny tropical vibes!! Check out the top destination locations for your Mexico elopement below!

The THREE best cities to elope in Mexico:

01. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo weddings are a DREAM! As one of the most popular locations for destination weddings in Mexico, Cabo’s pristine blue waters and panoramic desert landscapes make for breathtaking wedding spots. Lover’s Beach, named after the point where two seas unite, is known for its calm waters and is a beautiful landmark to visit. There is a perfect Cabo wedding venue for anyone eloping in Mexico!

02. Tulum

There’s Mexico–and then there’s TULUM! Your destination wedding in Tulum will bring a mixture of magnificent historical ruins, beachy vibes, and artistic touches to make your special day MAGICAL! Tulum is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya and is perfect for couples that enjoy nature and a quieter atmosphere with STUNNING views!

03. Cancún

Cancún is one of Mexico’s all-around gems — Gorgeous turquoise seas, powdery white-sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and so much more! When you chose to celebrate the love you have for your fiancé; you celebrate in a location that outlines the beauty of love — Cancún perfectly puts into words what love really is!

Below are some of my past Mexico weddings, check them out!

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