The Cost of Wedding Photographers in Minnesota

February 6, 2023


What do Wedding Photographers Cost & Why?

When hiring the perfect wedding photographer, it’s so important to INVEST in a wedding photographer! Just like most things in life, the more you spend = the more you will get in return + the better your experience will be!

My name is Samantha Kleven, and I LOVE documenting love stories!! My philosophy as a wedding photographer is all about friendship, communication & faith! Keeping this in mind, I also approach capturing marriage unlike most other photographers – if you want traditional photos, I am not your girl – and I tell the story of your wedding day through my images!! Wedding photography is the perfect investment where you can look back and remember the emotions, people, and experiences that made your wedding day so special!

I’m here to help you understand how much you should pay for a wedding photographer based on your budget and offer advice for choosing the perfect photographer!!

01. Wedding Photography Pricing


Novice $0-500

Someone starting photography and has very little experience or takes photos as a hobby. They are working on building their portfolio, editing style, brand, and clientele. If you’re looking for someone who is still trying to grow in multiple aspects of wedding photography.

Beginner: $500-$1,200

A beginner photographer has photographed some weddings but is still working on expanding their portfolio, solidifying their editing style, and becoming more comfortable with suggesting poses. They are at a stage of learning the ins and outs of becoming a professional wedding photographer!

Intermediate: $1,200-$2,800

An intermediate photographer has photographed a handful of weddings but may still be building their portfolio. They are typically more familiar with wedding processes and have more experience than beginner photographers.

Professional: $2,800-$4,500

A professional photographer has years of experience in wedding photography, education, consistent edits, and provides extra value in all aspects of the wedding journey. Professionals serve their clients by taking a personal approach to make your wedding journey and special day a true experience!

Luxury: $4,500+

A luxury photographer is perfect for clients who are planning a luxurious, monumental wedding. Their prices are higher because they have an extensive portfolio and have been in the wedding industry for years. Luxury photographers go above and beyond when it comes to making your wedding journey special!

02. Details of Wedding Photography Investment

What does investing in a photographer include?
Hint: It’s so much more than just photos!!

You’re investment with me (Samantha Kleven!) includes: 

  • Emails + Consultation (setting up calls/meetings, logistics communication)
  • Meetings (get to know each other meeting, check-in meetings, pre-wedding)
  • Camera Gear (camera bodies, lenses, film, sd cards, batteries, cases, etc)
  • Business Subscriptions (editing platforms, email services, website plan, etc)
  • Resources (vendor recommendations, timeline assistance, planning help)
  • Travel Fees (airfare, gas/mileage, hotels, and food for local and destination locations)
  • Professionally Edited Gallery (rights to download & share your photos with others and on social media)
  • Capturing the Actual Wedding Day!! (getting ready, first-looks, family photos, wedding party, ceremony, reception)
  • Prints/Albums (rights to download, print, frame, and share your photos)

03. Advice for Choosing a Photographer

Learn what to look for and what to ask when finding the perfect fit!

What to LOOK FOR:

  • Have a clear idea of the style you like
  • Make sure your personalities mesh
  • Read reviews online from other clients
  • Look beyond portfolio highlights 
  • Visit their website to view a full gallery (or two!)
  • Use the engagement photo session as a trial run
  • Get the details for editing timeline and deliverables
  • Go with your GUT!

What to ASK:

  • How long have you been shooting? In the wedding industry?
  • What’s your style of photography? Editing style? 
  • Describe your process – before, on, and after the wedding day? 
  • What is your approach to wedding day photography?
  • Do you capture more candid or posed imagery?
  • Do you give a lot of direction on wedding day?
  • What makes your work unique?

I LOVE weddings and the whole process of wedding planning and photography! I would be so honored to create a record of your marriage that you can visit over the years to come!!!

Check out my website if you’re looking for a luxury wedding photographer! I’d love to learn more about you & help make your special day one to remember!!