Natasha & Josh’s Airbnb Couples Session in Idaho

September 13, 2023


I am still over the moon about this session with Natasha and Josh! The entire time we were together I couldn’t stop laughing, and it truly felt like I was documenting their real morning routine!! They were so full of authenticity, joy, and smiles, that the entire session was perfect to showcase their relationship!! 

We decided to hang out at one of the most beautiful Airbnb’s in Boise, Idaho – The Lofts @3th and Clay. Not only was the space perfect to capture Nathan & Josh, but it was the best space to document a story. Within minutes of chatting, I could tell their relationship was deeper than the intimate love they shared through their humor. They embraced their roles as comedians, cracking jokes and sharing hearty laughter throughout the shoot!! Their genuine smiles and natural interactions painted a heartwarming picture of a couple deeply in love in their own way!!

Throughout their session, I gave them their space by becoming “a fly on the wall” while capturing their genuine emotions. I love asking my couples to compliment each other, tell funny stories, and find ways to strengthen their relationship even while being photographed – this has been a MAJOR game changer to capture a couple’s TRUE and AUTHENTIC relationship through photos!! 

One of the things I will never forget after meeting Natasha and Josh is the importance of having fun while you date and bringing that into marriage. I could see how deep their relationship folded simply through the smiles and hugs they gave each other during our time together. I will never take these signs and messages for granted & I love learning more about love through each couple I meet!!

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