Jyl & Nick’s Valentine’s Inspired Couples Session

February 10, 2023


A Romantic Date-Night at The Commodore

Jyl & Nick got married about six months ago and they wanted to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day ~married~ in one of the most historic, romantic places in the Twin Cities: The Commodore!!

The Commodore is located in Saint Paul, MN and has a very charming atmosphere that flows throughout the entire place! The Commodore opened back in 1920 and today is a restaurant with live music in a classy, Jazz age-inspired setting. It’s a true Saint Paul gem! There are many rooms throughout the restaurant, and the entire time you’re there, you feel like you’re going back in history!!! Almost all of the furniture is still authentic from when it first opened; short chairs only inches off the ground, 1950s tiling, and an original bar used decades ago!

Check out the historical photos below and learn more about The Commodore here!

Both Jyl & Nick are incredibly happy, fun people to be around – You could tell how joyful they are just by their SMILES throughout their entire date night. They LIT UP every room!!! During the shoot, old jazz music was playing and the VIBES were cinematic, romantic, and vintage – Jyl & Nick’s photos look just like they were taken in the 1950s! The whole night felt like they were apart of their own movie, with The Commodore all to themselves where they could just be a couple in love! <3

The song, “It’s Been A Long, Long Time” by Harry James perfectly puts into words the classy date-night! Play this while scrolling through Jyl & Nick’s Gallery!!

Check out Jyl & Nick’s shoot below! If you’re interested in booking with me for your Twin Cities engagement or wedding, click here!